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This is a revolution! Counter Culture features 70+ rebellion-themed phrases in different styles perfect for adding energy, character, and attitude to your edgy, industrial, or socially conscious productions. Enhance a feisty drum & bass track, or create catchy, aggressive hooks, FX, and backgrounds.

This pack will get you pumped up!

This product was produced in collaboration with Mandy Jones, a first-class session vocalist and songwriter known for her breath-taking tone, stylistic versatility, and dynamic, powerful voice.

Words & Phrases

Phrase Phrase Phrase
Anarchy Just Try And Stop Me Stand Out From The Crowd
Antiauthority Lets Break The Rules Stand Up And Fight 1
Badass Listen Up 1 Stand Up And Fight 2
Civil Disobedience Listen Up 2 Thats Some Badass Shit 1
Complete Anarchy Mavericks Of The World 1 Thats Some Badass Shit 2
Conspiracy Mavericks Of The World 2 They Cant Control Us
Corruption Nonconformity They Cant Keep Us Down
Counter Culture Open Your Eyes 1 This Is A Revolution 1
Defiance Open Your Eyes 2 This Is A Revolution 2
Disobedience Opposition This Rebel Has A Cause 1
Disorderly Conduct Punk This Rebel Has A Cause 2
Dissent Radical Vigilante
Freedom Fighter Rebel Vigilante Justice
Fuck Authority Rebel Youth Wake Up 1
Fuck Society Rebellion Wake Up 2
Fuck The Bullshit Rebellious We Are Slaves To Society
Fuck The Establishment Reckless We Are The Resistance
Fuck The Police Renegade We Want The Truth 1
Fuck The Rules Riot 1 We Want The Truth 2
Im A Freedom Fighter Riot 2 Were A Bunch Of Renegades
Im A Nonconformist Riots In The Street Weve Got To Fight
Its Time To Do Somethin 1 Rise Up You Cant Control Us
Its Time To Do Somethin 2 Rules Were Made To Be Broken Young Punks
Its What They Want You To Believe Society

About the author David Sherlock More information on the author

A passionate sound designer, entrepreneur and cat meme lover from Central Scotland. Owner of Freshly Squeezed Samples, Sample Foundry and Producer Space.

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