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Vibe this! Dance Vocal Shouts Vol. 2 features 70+ vocal shout phrases and words that are perfect for EDM drops, funk, hip-hop, and soulful house tracks. Add flavour and attitude to your sound with a variety of sassy and funky phrases, from dispassionate to energetic in delivery.

This product was produced in collaboration with Mandy Jones, a first-class session vocalist and songwriter known for her breath-taking tone, stylistic versatility, and dynamic, powerful voice.

Words & Phrases

Phrase Phrase Phrase
Are You Ready For This 1 Here Comes The Drop 1 Rewind
Are You Ready For This 2 Here Comes The Drop 2 Risky Business
Are You Ready For This 3 Here Comes The Drop 3 Rock And Roll
Are You Serious Here It Comes Show Me The Money
Are You Talkin To Me I Dont Give A Damn Smokin 1
Badder I Like It Smokin 2
Bigger I Think I Like It The Baddest Shit
Bigger And Badder I Want Your Money This Shit Is Real 1
Body Language Im Back 1 This Shit Is Real 2
Bring It Back Now 1 Im Back 2 Three 1
Bring It Back Now 2 Im Bad Three 2
Can You Dig It 1 Im Gonna Explode Two 1
Can You Dig It 2 Its Gonna Get Real 1 Two 2
Can You Handle It 1 Its Gonna Get Real 2 Very Nice 1
Can You Handle It 2 Ive Got The Need For Speed 1 Very Nice 2
Can You Handle This Ive Got The Need For Speed 2 Vibe This
Chop It And Screw It Just How I Like It 1 Vibe Wit Me
Chopped And Screwed Just How I Like It 2 What Is This
Do You Know Who I Am Lets Get Dirty Who Do You Think You Are
Droppin In Four 1 Lets Hear It Again Yeah Baby 1
Droppin In Four 2 Make My Day Yeah Baby 2
Dynamite 1 Now I Have Your Attention You Cant Be Serious
Dynamite 2 One 1 Youre Gonna Love This 1
Get Fucked Up One 2 Youre Gonna Love This 2
Go On And Make My Day Pay Attention Youre Gonna Love This 3

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A passionate sound designer, entrepreneur and cat meme lover from Central Scotland. Owner of Freshly Squeezed Samples, Sample Foundry and Producer Space.

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