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Be inspired! This uplifting vocal pack contains 100+ spoken words that awaken the spirit and invigorate the mind.

Perfect for inspirational music, self-discovery and self-development podcasts, meditations, and positive affirmations, this is an essential sample pack!

This product was produced in collaboration with Mandy Jones, a first-class session vocalist and songwriter known for her breath-taking tone, stylistic versatility, and dynamic, powerful voice.


Phrase Phrase Phrase
Achievement Hero Rational
Action Honor Rationality
Adventure Hope Reason
Attention Humility Resilience
Awesome Illumination Respect
Balance Imagery Respect 2
Beyond Imagination Revelation
Concentrate Incredible Revive
Connected Independence Revolution
Connection Infinity Righteous
Conquer Innovation Righteousness
Courage Insight Risk
Dedication Inspiration Sacred
Destiny Integrity Salvation
Determination Intelligence Security
Direction Intensity Shine
Discipline Invigorate Spark
Discovery Invincible Spirit
Distinguished Justice Strength
Drive Knowledge Synergy
Elevate Leadership Tenacity
Empower Liberty Timeless
Energy Magnificent Transformation
Evolve Majesty Triumph
Evolving Mastery Trust
Excellence Motivation Understanding
Exploration Opportunity Unified
Extraordinary Original Unity
Fame Overcome Uplifting
Famous Persistence Value
Focus Possibilities Victory
Forgiveness Power Virtue
Gratitude Priceless Virtuous
Growth Progress Wisdom
Guidance Purpose Wonder
Harmony Quality Wondrous

About the author David Sherlock More information on the author

A passionate sound designer, entrepreneur and cat meme lover from Central Scotland. Owner of Freshly Squeezed Samples, Sample Foundry and Producer Space.

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