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Welcome, humans. Are you looking for the right vocal samples to enhance your ambient, sci-fi, or tech tracks? Sci-Fi Words delivers 250+ words and phrases that evoke galactic, scientific, technological, and futuristic imagery–ideal for creating fantastical, atmospheric productions. From astronomical terms and sci-fi quotes, to spacecraft computer announcements and narrative phrases, this pack offers a wealth of samples to enable your creativity!

This product was produced in collaboration with Mandy Jones, a first-class session vocalist and songwriter known for her breath-taking tone, stylistic versatility, and dynamic, powerful voice.

Words & Phrases

Phrase Phrase Phrase
1 Extraterrestrial Relativity
10 Galactic Resistance Is Futile
2 Galaxy Retrograde
3 Gemini Return To The Mothership
4 Gravity Robot
5 Greetings From The Future 1 Robotic
6 Greetings From The Future 2 Robots
7 Ground Control 1 Rocket Science
8 Ground Control 2 Roger That 1
9 Heaven And Earth Roger That 2
A Complex Computer System Houston We Have A Problem Rotation
A Frightening Dystopia Human Sagittarius
Absolute Zero Human Destiny Satellites
Acceleration.1 Human Error Saturn
Activate 1 Hyperspace Penetration Now Commencing Science
Activate 2 Ignition Science Fiction 1
Affirmative 1 Im A Mad Scientist Science Fiction 2
Affirmative 2 Im Detecting A Strange Anomaly In The Matrix Scientific Discovery 1
Afterglow Im From A Different Planet Scientific Discovery 2
Alien Invasion In A Parallel Universe Scorpio
Alien Lifeforms In Orbit Secure All Ship Operations
All Systems Go Infinity Sentient Beings
Alpha Instrumentation Singularity
Altitude Interference Solar Eclipse
Amazing Machines 1 Interplanetary Solar System
Amazing Machines 2 Interstellar Solstice
Amplified Jupiter Somewhere In The Cosmos 1
An Alternate Reality Kinetic Somewhere In The Cosmos 2
An Object From Outer Space Launchpad Space
An Unidentified Object From Outer Space Leo Space Cadet
Android Libra Spaced Out
Apparatus Light Off Spaceship
Aquarius Luminosity Stand By 1
Aries Machine Stand By 2
Asteroids Magnetic Stardust
Astronauts Magnetism Stellar
Atmosphere 1 Magnitude Stranded On Earth
Atmosphere 2 Mars Stratosphere
Atomic Mathematics Supernova
Attention Mathematics Reveals Its Secrets Supersonic
Aurora Mercury Systems
Beam Me Up Meteor T – Minus
Bionic Mission Control Taurus
Black Hole Molecules Technological Progress
Cancer Momentum Telepathy
Capricorn Mutant Teleporation
Celestial My Guiding Star Terminal Velocity
Chaos Theory Nebula The Cosmic Order
Chemistry Negative The Dark Army
Chromatic Neptune The Exploration Of Space
Chromosphere Nova The Final Frontier
Clear For Docking 1 Nuclear The Golden Rule
Clear For Docking 2 Oblivion The Heavens Above
Clear For Landing 1 Observatory The Rebel Army
Clear For Landing 2 On A Distant Planet 1 The Surface Of The Sun
Clear For Takeoff 1 On A Distant Planet 2 The Universe
Clear For Takeoff 2 Once In A Blue Moon They Come From Another World 1
Clusters And Constellations Of Data Orbit They Come From Another World 2
Cold Fusion Orbital This Is The Future
Collisions Orion 1 Time Is Of The Essence
Comet Orion 2 Time Travel
Commander Our Galaxy Titanium
Computers Our Mission Is Clear Traveling Through Space And Time
Constellations Over And Out 1 Ultraviolet
Cosmic Over And Out 2 Uranus
Cosmic Rays Over And Out 3 Velocity
Cosmological Singularity Over And Out 4 Venus
Cosmology Over And Out 5 Virgo
Counting To Retrofire Parallax Virtual Reality
Cyberspace Physics Visible Nature 1
Dark Energy Pisces Visible Nature 2
Dark Matter Planetary Visible Nature 3
Deep Space Planetary Nebulas Walking On The Moon
Doubt What You Have Been Taught To Believe Pluto Warp Speed
Drone Post – Human We Exist In Cyberspace
Dystopian Nightmare Prepare To Launch Wecome Humans 1
Dystopian Nightmares Prepare To Terminate Welcome Humans 2
Earth Prism Were All Made Of Space Dust
Eclipse Pure Mathematics 1 Were Dealing With Forces Beyond Our Control
Electricity Pure Mathematics 2 Were Going Back In Time 1
Electromagnetic Quadrant 1 Were Going Back In Time 2
Electromagnetism Quadrant 2 Weve Been Transported To The Future
Elements Quadrant 3 What Will Become Of Humanity
Engage Quadrant 4 Worlds Apart
Engine Stable Quantum Physics Wormhole
Enter The Atomic Age Radiation You Will Be Terminated
Escape Radioactive
Evolution Reflection

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A passionate sound designer, entrepreneur and cat meme lover from Central Scotland. Owner of Freshly Squeezed Samples, Sample Foundry and Producer Space.


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