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Hello, friend. With shows like Mr. Robot becoming increasingly more popular, hacking and cybersecurity vernacular is being showcased frequently in the mainstream media. This pack contains over 500 terminological vocal samples that are perfect for adding a technical edge to your productions, regardless of genre. Create glitch vocals and striking pre-drops, or enhance electro or tech tracks with this high-quality and thorough bank of InfoSec related terms.

This product was produced in collaboration with Mandy Jones, a first-class session vocalist and songwriter known for her breath-taking tone, stylistic versatility, and dynamic, powerful voice.

Words & Phrases

Phrase Phrase Phrase
Access Control Ftp Public Key Forward Secrecy
Access Control List Full Duplex Public Key Infrastructure
Access Control Service Fully – Qualified Domain Name Qaz
Access Management Fuzzing Race Condition
Access Matrix Gateway Radiation Monitoring
Account Harvesting Gethostbyaddr Rarp
Ack Piggybacking Gethostbyname Reconnaissance
Acl Gnu Reflexive Acls
Active Content Hardening Registry
Activity Monitors Hash Regression Analysis
Address Resolution Protocol Hash Function Request For Comment
Advanced Encryption Standard Hash Functions Resource Exhaustion
Aes Header Response
Algorithm Hijack Attack Reverse Address Resolution Protocol
Applet Honey Client Reverse Engineering
Arp Honey Pot Reverse Lookup
Asymmetric Cryptography Honeymonkey Reverse Proxy
Asymmetric Warfare Hops Rfc
Auditing Host Rip
Authentication Host – Based Id Risk
Authenticity Hot Disaster Recovery Site Risk Assessment
Authorization Html Risk Averse
Autonomous System Http Role – Based Access Control
Availability Http Proxy Root
Backdoor Https Rootkit
Bandwidth Hub Router
Banner Hybrid Attack Routing Information Protocol
Basic Authentication Hybrid Encryption Routing Loop
Bastion Host Hyperlink Rpc Scans
Bcp Hypertext Markup Language Rsa
Bgp Hypertext Transfer Protocol Rsbac
Bia Icmp Ruleset – Based Access Control
Bind 1 Identity Safety
Bind 2 Ietf Scavenging
Biometrics Imap Secure Electronic Transactions
Bit Incident Secure Shell
Block Cipher Incident Handling Secure Sockets Layer
Boot Record Infector Incremental Backups Security Policy
Border Gateway Protocol Information Warfare Segment
Botnet Ingress Filtering Sensitive Information
Bridge Input Validation Attacks Separation Of Duties
British Standard 7799 1 Integrity Server
British Standard 7799 2 Integrity Star Property Session
Broadcast Interference Attack Session Hijacking
Broadcast Address Internet Session Key
Browser Internet Control Message Protocol Set
Brute Force Internet Engineering Task Force Sha1
Buffer Overflow Internet Message Access Protocol Shadow Password Files
Business Continuity Plan Internet Protocol Share
Business Impact Analysis Internet Protocol Security Shell
Byte Internet Standard Sign Flood
Cac Interrupt Signals Analysis
Cache Intranet Signature
Cache Cramming Intrusion Detection Simple Integrity Property
Cache Poisoning Ip Simple Network Management Protocol
Call Admission Control Ip Address Simple Security Property
Cell Ip Flood Smartcard
Cert Ip Forwarding Smurf
Certificate – Based Authentication Ip Spoofing Sniffer
Cgi Ips Sniffing
Chain Of Custody Ipsec 1 Snmp
Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol Ipsec 2 Social Engineering
Chap 1 Iso Socket
Chap 2 Issue – Specific Policy Socket Pair
Checksum Itu – T Socks 1
Cipher Jitter Socks 2
Ciphertext Jump Bag Software
Circuit Switched Network Kernel Source Port
Cisco L2f Spam
Client L2tf Spanning Port
Cold Disaster Recovery Site L2tp Split Horizon
Collision Lattice Techniques Split Key
Competitive Intelligence Layer 2 Forwarding Protocol Spoof
Computer Emergency Response Team Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol Sql Injection
Computer Network Ldap Ssh
Confidentiality Least Privilege Ssl
Configuration Management Legion 1 Sso
Cookie Legion 2 Stack Mashing
Corruption Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Standard Acls
Cost Benefit Analysis Link State Star Property
Counter Measure List – Based Access Control State Machine
Covert Channels Lkm Stateful Inspection
Crc Loadable Kernel Modules Static Host Tables
Cron 1 Log Clipping Static Routing
Cron 2 Logic Bombs Stealthing
Crossover Cable Logic Gate Steganalysis
Cryptanalysis Loopback Address Steganography
Cryptographic Algorithm Mac 1 Stimulus
Cut – Through Mac 2 Store – And – Forward
Cyclic Redundancy Check Mac Address Straight – Through Cable
Dac Malicious Code Stream Cipher
Daemon 1 Malware Strong Star Property
Daemon 2 Mandatory Access Control Sub Network
Data Aggregation Masquerade Attack Subnet Mask
Data Custodian Md5 Switch
Data Encryption Standard Measures Of Effectiveness Switched Network
Data Mining Moe Symbolic Links
Data Owner Monoculture Symmetric Cryptography
Data Warehousing Morris Worm Symmetric Key
Datagram Multi – Cast Syn Flood
Day Zero Multi – Homed Synchronization
Decapsulation Multiplexing Syslog
Decryption Nat 1 System – Specific Policy
Defacement Nat 2 Systems Security Officer
Defense In Depth National Institute Of Standards And Technology T1
Demilitarized Zone Natural Disaster T3
Denial Of Service Netmask Tamper
Des Network – Based Ids Tcp
Dictionary Attack Network Address Tcp Dump
Digest Authentication Network Address Translation Tcp Full Open Scan
Digital Certificate Network Mapping Tcp Half – Open Scan
Digital Envelope Network Taps Tcp Wrapper
Digital Signature Nist Telnet
Digital Signature Algorithm Non – Printable Character The Web
Digital Signature Standard Non – Repudiation Threat
Disassembly Null Session Threat Assessment
Disaster Recovery Plan Octet Threat Model
Discretionary Access Control One – Way Encryption Threat Vector
Disruption One – Way Function Time To Live
Distance Vector Open Shortest Path First Tiny Fragment Attack
Distributed Scans Osi Tls
Dmz Osi Layers Tm
Dns Ospf Token – Based Access Control
Domain Overload Token – Based Devices
Domain Hijacking Packet Token Ring
Domain Name Packet Switched Network Topology
Domain Name System Pap Transmission Control Protocol
Drp Partitions Transport Layer Security
Dsa Password Authentication Protocol Triple – Wrapped
Dss Password Cracking Triple Des
Due Care Password Sniffing Trojan Horse
Due Diligence Patch Trunking
Dumpsec Patching Trust
Dumpster Diving Payload Trusted Ports
Dynamic Link Library Penetration Tunnel
Dynamic Routing Protocol Penetration Testing Udp
Eap Perl Udp Scan
Eavesdropping Permutation Unicast
Echo Reply Personal Firewalls Uniform Resources Identifier
Echo Request Pfs Uniform Resources Locator
Egp Pgp Unix
Egress Filtering Pharming Unprotected Share
Emanations Analysis Phishing Uri
Encapsulation Ping Of Death User
Encryption Ping Scan User Contingency Plan
Ephemeral Port Ping Sweep User Datagram Protocol
Escrow Passwords Pki Virtual Private Network
Ethernet Plaintext Virus
Event Point To Point Protocol Voice Firewall
Exponential Backoff Algorithm Point To Point Tunneling Voice Intrusion Prevention System
Exposure Point To Point Tunneling Protocol Vpn
Extended Acls Poison Reverse W3
Extensible Authentication Protocol Polyinstantiation War Chalking
Exterior Gateway Protocol Polymorphism War Dialer
False Rejects Pop3 War Dialing
Fast File System Port War Driving
Fast Flux Port Scan Warm Disaster Recovery Site
Faultline Attacks Possession Web Of Trust
File Transfer Protocol Post Office Protocol Version 3 Web Server
Filter Ppp Wep
Filtering Router Pptp Whois
Finger Practical Extraction And Reporting Language Win Dump
Fingerprinting Preamble Windowing
Firewall Pretty Good Privacy Wired Equivalent Privacy
Flooding Private Addressing Wireless Application Protocol
Forest Program Infector Wiretapping
Fork Bomb Program Policy World Wide Web
Form – Based Authentication Promiscuous Mode Worm
Forward Lookup Proprietary Information Www
Forward Proxy Protocol Zero Day
Fragment Offset Protocol Stacks Zero Day Attack
Fragment Overlap Attack Proxy Server Zombies
Fragmentation Public Key
Frames Public Key Encryption

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A passionate sound designer, entrepreneur and cat meme lover from Central Scotland. Owner of Freshly Squeezed Samples, Sample Foundry and Producer Space.

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